What to Expect

Are you new to the Christian faith? Please visit with us this Sunday! If you are unfamiliar with a traditional worship service, the experience can leave you feeling a little awkward. Here, a few points to ease your way.


Dress code: none. Modest attire is customary. About half the men wear a tie. You are unlikely to feel out of place.


Sunday worship services begin at 11:00 and lasts about an hour. General announcements are given. Three bells from the organ begin the service. Expect mostly traditional hymns to be sung and performed. There are hymnals in the pews, but lyrics to the hymns are also displayed on screens. Likewise, there are Bibles in the pews, but at appropriate points in the service scripture will be displayed on screens. If you are not familiar with the music or scripture, you should be able to easily follow along.


Soon after the service starts, a short “time with children” is held at the front of the church. This is usually led by our pastor. Children (through fifth grade) then retire to classes apart from the main service, and invariably visiting children enjoy the experience. Note, though, that children are certainly not required to separate from parents.


There comes a point in the service for the ushers to pass the collection plates. Nothing is expected of the visitor. Even for church members, no set amount is expected. Members give because they love to support the activities of their church.


Most sermons are delivered by our pastor. If you would care to review the sermon, it is available on line. Visit nashvillebaptistchurch.org and follow the link. While you’re there, have a look around our website. This will enable you to know us a little better.


Generally, we stand to sing, and bow heads in prayer.


Should you encounter a service that includes communion, please do not feel awkward to simply observe and not partake. The elements are usually taken in the pews. It is reserved for those who openly confess our Lord Jesus Christ and claim salvation through Him.


Visitors and members normally sign attendance pads in the pews.


At the end of the service, our pastor greets all as they leave the church. If you wish, mention to him that you would be interested in talking with one of our deacons. Please do not be intimidated if you’re a bit lost during the service. Enjoy it as a starting point for a new and more purposeful life. Our God does not love the lifelong church member more than a new convert!


Our church hosts activities other than Sunday services, but this truly is the high point of our week. It is a pleasant routine that becomes a sacred routine.


Most importantly, do not feel pushed! Whether you visit with us twice a year or every week, we want you to feel comfortable and welcome. Your choice of a church is more important than your choice of doctor or lawyer. There is a reason a Baptist is a Baptist, a Methodist is a Methodist and a Lutheran is a Lutheran. We would be happy to see you continue with any of the many mainstream Christian denominations, and we especially encourage you to get to know Nashville Baptist Church.

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